THANK YOU for your invaluable support!

Cash from Individuals (120+ to date)                            $25,628

Alaska State Historic Commission Grant Awards     $31,634

Rasmuson Foundation                                                      $30,500

Cordova Electric Cooperative                                          $5,000

Co-Bank                                                                                   $5,000

American Seafoods                                                              $3,000

Raffle Proceeds (October & Dec 2016)                            $4,916

Raffle proceeds (August 2015)                                           $3,485

Red Dragon Tea Reception (Aug. 2015)                           $1,540

Rummage Sale (Nov. 2015)                                                 $2,183

Reluctant Fisherman Art Show                                            $900

Dessert Sales at “Our Town” (April 2016)                         $856

“Raise the Roof” Offertory, Sunday, April 24, 2016    $3,038

Salmon Jam 2016                                                                                     $1,013

Christmas Bazaar proceeds 2016                                                           $538

GRAND TOTAL  cash as of 3/1/2017          $119,213

Additional in-kind Donations

Special thanks to electrician Joel Henkelman, his wife and brother, Jim Henkelman for their donation of about one month each of their time to plan and execute a major rewiring/electrical upgrade to both St. George’s Church and the Red Dragon!

National Park Service (in-kind staff time and materials)         $20,000

Wilson Construction                                   $7,000, in-kind labor and equipment

Carbon Neutral Alternatives                    est. $6,000, in-kind labor

In-kind labor donated by individuals: 500+ hours, as of October 2016