Progress update 3 – NEW roof going on!

Mid-May 2016 – The new roof for the Red Dragon is underway! Carbon Neutral Alternatives is the contractor doing the work. Steve and Laramie (and periodically others) started on the south side, tearing off the old and, unfortunately, finding more rot and insulation needing replacement than we had hoped. They sistered new rafters in, where necessary; added new insulation as well; and finished with new plywood (for the most part), and finally installed the ice and water shield. Before finishing the work with the shingles, they’re waiting to receive a membrane material that goes below the shingles (barge delivery of that is expected June 19th!).

In mid-June, they started on the north side of the roof, doing the same process… and again, found more rot than we’d been hoping… so, the materials cost has increased, but the great news is that the new roof is much closer to being done with great rafters, plywood and insulation under beautiful and wonderful smelling cedar shingles!!!

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