Project Update 4 – Electrical upgrades

We’re blessed to have the volunteer help of an electrician, Joel Henkelman, who is the brother of a former church member, Jim Henkelman. Both brothers, with assistance from Joel’s wife, Laura, are working this month (June 2016) to re-wire St. George’s Church and much of the Red Dragon!!! This is as badly needed as our new roofs and will certainly help us avoid a tragic fire…. THANK YOU very much Joel, Jim and Laura! They’re also being assisted by Eoghan Hernandez who is getting some on-the-job training, being paid by our church youth leaders, Matt and Kristel Rush. Thanks to Eoghan, Matt and Kristel, for their support of this important work to both improve our lighting and make safe our electrical wiring!

Final thanks is due to Cordova Electric Cooperative and Co-Bank for their generous $10,000 grant to support purchase of the electrical supplies.

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