Project Update 2- Foundation work

2016 Red Dragon, NE corner
The new foundation, siding and sign look great on the NE corner of the building.
Red Dragon sign
New sign installed in 2015, based on the original sign of 1908! The Red Dragon is again a community room, available for use by donation for multiple purposes.


The foundation first had to be dug out, a tough job, although this shows the “easier” work on the outer edges of the building, in comparison to what had to be done underneath the building, around the support posts.


It was a dirty job, done in September 2015, with weather unlike what’s seen in these photos! There was a lot of rain, though we were lucky to have drier weather when needed for pouring the concrete for the foundation.


We were surprised to learn that the east side of the building was slumping 6 inches lower than the west side…. and very glad to have this work correct that!


SE corner, foundation midway
Plumbing pipes visible through the framing above the foundation at the SE corner.
Foundation work midway, SW corner
Framing for the siding above the new foundation takes shape; view of the SW corner.